Her knees are shaking-

As passersby are in a hurry

Twenty trains have been on  the same route

Same spot as to yesterdays’.

A coin was thrown on the ground,

But she can’t move a single muscle.

Hence, the street children’s aim is to survive too-

Poor old woman is already starving.

High as the blazing sun,

Hot as lovers’ arguments

“Notice me, people. My body is too weak to function.”

Poor old woman scarcely holds a paper cup

“I inhale dusts, I exhale hunger.”

Her eyes are tired but she continues struggling

The lines on her face are countless,

While her hand doesn’t stop from reaching.

Thick sweats, thin clothes

Look deeper into her eyes.

And you will see a kind spirit-

Trying to explain, as if crying, “I don’t demand.”

She bears all the bitterness in life

She sleeps hungry and wakes up the other day unnoticed again

Unwearied; hopeful for a slot in a leap of fate,

That tomorrow she could find her luck in a cup.