We were invited to the soft re-opening of Casa Corazon Restaurant in Talimpao, Punta Verde. I’ve never heard of this place until now. My aunt told me that this used to be the top restaurant in the province, pero for whatever reason, naging biglang under the radar na ang resto na ito.

It was a good day for fun and food and we were excited to participate in the event.

Even before we food bloggers tasted the mouth-watering dishes, they looked yummy and well presented. The plating was good, the dishes make a colorful ensemble and everything looked immcaulately clean.


THE TASTE. Once we got a taste of Casa Corazon’s  goodness though, we were in food bloggers heaven. The taste of every dish surpasses how it looked on plate.

Although I would recommend every dish at Casa Corazon, there are three dishes that have captured more than my taste buds, they have captured my heart.


THE BOMBER. The Casa Corazon specialties that have earned the oohs and ahhs of most of the bloggers are the following: Ginataang Dilis sa Palayok, Veggie Rice and Mala-Binalayok and they are surprisingly all categorized under Yna’s Specials.

A. GINATAANG DILIS SA PALAYOK11659498_687587518039403_357624060524508986_n

The coconut milk isn’t too think and overpowering. The ingredients dilis, pechay etc. that would otherwise create a soggy mess are not overcooked. The dahong ng mangga also put a refreshing tanginess to the whole dish.

B.  VEGGIE RICE10404297_687587464706075_7488392943147571107_n

Instead of the more popular oriental Chopsuey Rice, this is a yummy Pinoy take on Veggie Rice. The daing gives that yummy and natural saltiness. The basil gives an interesting oomph to combination of talong, okra and kalabasa. And the pandan gives that a wonderful whiff to the whole dish and makes sure you can eat the rice even on its own.

C. MALA-BINALAYOK 11698610_687587414706080_954830067520235655_n

Every morsel of this wonderful chicken dish is soaked with the taste of lemongrass and yellow ginger. Peppermint and basil make sure no one will get “umay” and also give an interesting blend to to the whole dish.


YOUNG KITCHEN GENIUS IN THE MAKING. We got to meet Yna, she’s apparently a kitchen aid at Casa Corazon but is alreadt showing her brilliance in the kitchen. She is, yes you guessed it, the one who created my faves under Yna’s special.


The amazing team-Casa Corazon’s staff.

Cheers and good luck to your resto!

RATING: 5 OOH’s/5!!!