Everything under the sun…


Generations and Age Groups


Her knees are shaking-

As passersby are in a hurry

Twenty trains have been on  the same route

Same spot as to yesterdays’.

A coin was thrown on the ground,

But she can’t move a single muscle.

Hence, the street children’s aim is to survive too-

Poor old woman is already starving.

High as the blazing sun,

Hot as lovers’ arguments

“Notice me, people. My body is too weak to function.”

Poor old woman scarcely holds a paper cup

“I inhale dusts, I exhale hunger.”

Her eyes are tired but she continues struggling

The lines on her face are countless,

While her hand doesn’t stop from reaching.

Thick sweats, thin clothes

Look deeper into her eyes.

And you will see a kind spirit-

Trying to explain, as if crying, “I don’t demand.”

She bears all the bitterness in life

She sleeps hungry and wakes up the other day unnoticed again

Unwearied; hopeful for a slot in a leap of fate,

That tomorrow she could find her luck in a cup.



Is the life you live worthy for existence? Have you gone to places you’ve never been before? Did you get the chance to knock on someone’s door and tell them you love them?

It’s been twenty one years now that I’ve been into this world. I am visibly bumping around the corners, practically adopting the changes in the environment. And I am patiently living for survival. As I hop at certain parts of the foregrounds, I couldn’t stop myself from making scenarios in my head. Reality check I am therefore a best example of a lost being, but on the other hand that helps me to realize all the usual things in life yet neglected. Something bearable, something that is right in front of us but we opt to refuse.

A simple chit-chat with a friend is actually a great gateway to capture moments, a simple smile on a camera is a lifetime remembrance. Those pennies given to street-children can’t eat down your wealth. Seeing your usual breakfast served by your mom is your tongue’s delight. Family gatherings, from sharing to laughing, that’s one simple joy. Walking around the streets instead of riding a vehicle and hearing your heart beats, that’s your heart’s way of saying “thanks for making me fit”.

We are brought to life to serve a purpose, some may succeed and some may not work on it well because they lack something, might be the spirit of workmanship. But what’s important is that we know deep inside our hearts that we are worthy to live and are eager to become successful. If we’d still wake up the other day, we must be thankful instead of dragging down the happiness.

For all the times in our lives we can’t say that we’re not a sinner, i am not a sinner. As we age, we change. We give definition to what we’re searching. We give proofs to our premonitions. We do all belong to the same ground but we differ from lifestyles. And we’re actually torn between the battle of life and survival.

“We have abundant resources and succumbed all the goodness. We definitely enjoy pulling off the box those brand new memories. Not noticing the white hairs are growing fast.”


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